Childhood and food: Cuba vs. U.S

The children’s childhood in Cuba is different from the United States. In the U.S kids use smart gadgets such as phones and tablets that costs hundreds of dollars to play around. But in Cuba kids play around with dirt and Barbie dolls or cars. Being a kid in Cuba, you are outside all day running around with your friends and getting dirty. Parents usually punish the kids by not allowing the kids to play around outside with their friends. However, in the U.S kids consider punishments to have their gadgets taken away or being forced to go outside to play and get dirty.
Another of the many differences between Cuba and the United States is their food. In the U.S they are known to have processed food and “finger foods” such are chicken tenders and burgers. Because of this, the U.S is one of the top countries that have the most obese people. On the other hand, Cuba’s food is known to be rich in flavor and home cooked meals. For example, instead of eating burgers or fries people tend to each rice, beans and meat such as pork or “ropa vieja”. Cuba’s food is rich with flavor and seasoning while in the U.S it is filled with grease and chemically induced products.  In the U.S they have more variety of food unlike in Cuba, they get portions per month and don’t have the same variety. 

Citizenship interview: How it went from bad to worst

As the interview started, everything had gone as planned, I passed all my verbal and written tests. However, once the officer asked me if I had registered to vote I had replied yes. That is when things started to go bad. The officer informed me that I had committed a felony and was at risk of going to jail or being deported. As the officer kept on talking, I was at a loss of words and could not register anything else he was saying. As everything was going on, all I could think about was what my future will be like and the disappointment of my dad. My dad has sacrificed everything for my brother and I. He left his whole life and his family back in Cuba in order to be able to provide a better education and future for my brother and I. As for myself, I have always been working hard for a better future. We got inside the car and went to a lawyer’s office to get immediate legal advice. My dad did most of the talking, I just sat there and listened. I could hear my dad’s voice crack in between sentences and as I looked up, his eyes had a cascade of tears. I then started explaining myself to the lawyer as to what happened. The lawyer stated that it was a hard case and that we would most likely have to go through court to fight for me to stay in the country. Fast forward to today, and since 3 weeks ago, I am a citizen.

Policy making process

The policy making process contains 6 steps. The first step is problem identification so that legislative can know the necessary time to create a new policy. One example is Global Warming, for years scientists have been giving warnings about the increase carbon monoxide in the air and the effect of fossil fuels. They have caught the attention of congress but they have difficulty finding a solution.A group of politicians, American citizens or other type of groups need to be concerned about the specific topic. Next, there is the Agenda Setting in which someone is in charge so that they make the legislature take action on the subject. It is a well organized agenda so that every topic that needs to be addressed, gets talked about in a timely manner. Third step is formulating policy, in which requires hard work because its to come up with solutions to the issue. The solutions come from different sources and the hard part is to pick which solution is better. After building the proposal they must get build support among other people like legislators or public., it must be favored by the majority. The other step is policy implementation. The bureaucracy carries the laws that are passed by congress and signed by the President. The last step is public evaluation in which people and member of congress evaluates the solution decision.

How political beliefs are affected

Family can have a great impact on you values and views, specially your political views. In the book it states that if parents are interested in politics, they tend to influence their children to be just as informed and involve them into their conversations. Also children tend to copy their parents and their behavior in which causes for them to be politically involved.
When it comes to school, kid are taught the history and how all the great leaders have been part of today’s accomplishments. They are also taught respect for the nation by showing support for their flag in which creates the foundation for national allegiance.
Social media is a very big contributor of the individual’s political views, the book stated that mass media is a growing role as socialization agents. A lot of the news reports we see in television such as Foxx news are politically biased and they portray the negative affiliations of the opposite party.

Government shutdown opinion

Lets start off by saying that the longest government shutdown was in 1995 in which lasted 3 weeks between President Clinton and Republicans. And now comes Donald Trump to office and has a 35-day government shutdown that, obviously, does not impact him in any way. With this new record, federal employees have not been getting paid a penny. They have families to provide for, yet the President of the United States of America simply does not care. As a result of this ridiculous government shutdown, citizens have been impacted. Homeland Security can’t verify a worker’s immigration status, food stamps might be cut, federal civil cases are delayed. The congressional budget office reduced the gross domestic product by over 9 billion dollars.
In his speech on January 25 he stated that the building of the wall was an emergency that needed to be funded and address by congress. If congress does not give him the money he is asking for, he threatened to shut down the government again. I am happy that the congress has not agreed to give the money to build an unnecessary wall. I can’t fathom how somebody is willing to shut down the government, affecting millions of people, while there are other serious manners that need to be address. Issues that are actually an emergency such as global warming, extinct species due to hunting, racism or police brutality, among many others.   

Being involved politically

We have a very unique political system where it has reflected in our history such as our voting rights, freedom of speech and our independence. In other countries they do not have the same political rights as we do. We have the option of having democracy while other countries does not, resulting in citizens not being able to participate in their system. The constitution starts by saying “We the people…” in which manifest how our voices are being heard within the government. There are some countries such as Cuba in which its government it’s a dictatorship and the people living there suffer and do not have a voice. Those whom express a dislike for the way things are being done by the President will go to jail or even get killed. On the other hand, in the United States we have freedom of speech something that we take for granted and others yearn to obtain.
In order to make a difference, citizens need a ‘Pathway of action” in order to obtain change in our system. One of the biggest ways that change can be incorporated is through voting, public organizations, nonviolent rallies and spreading the word


I volunteered at the Humane Society and it was anything but easy. The first thing that I had to do was walk the dogs and clean after them. First I handled the puppies which I had to take them to their little play area and I got to play with them. After taking the puppies it was time to take the big dogs. It was difficult because instead of me walking the dogs, the dogs where walking me. After that I went to help out to clean the litter boxes, not fun. After we where done with that, we cleaned the inside of the facility. I always enjoyed cleaning so I did not mind it. The last task was that I had to clean the animals food and water bowls. It was definitely a lot of work overall, however I enjoyed the time I spent there. I plan on volunteering there as much as I can.